About Joshua Wieczorek

Joshua Wieczorek is assistant to Edmund DeSoto of Shout Of Victory Ministries, a full-time undergrad student of law as well as a writer, blogger, amateur photographer, web developer, graphic designer and most of all a disciple of Jesus.


My name is Joshua Wieczorek. I am from a small town in Northern Michigan in which I spent many years. I currently reside in South Florida where it is summer all year around and the palm trees wave.

Growing up in the rural north allowed me to obtain many useful skills and ideals which I began put to work at the age of fourteen. I operated numerous types heavy construction and logging equipment. By the age of eighteen I was taught how to weld, machine and most everything else it takes to run a welding shop.

During that time, I also worked part-time for many amish businesses as well, from sawmills, as a laborer and operator, to a feed supply store which I spent my time grinding grain, running delivery truck and helping customers with their orders.

This was pretty much my life until I a traveling evangelist came through my town in 2009 and from then on my life changed. When I became acquainted with that ministry I began to travel around the U.S. setting up, taking down and operating sound equipment, cameras and lights. As I traveled, I picked up the desire for photography and learned to code and program in many different web based languages. Yet, most importantly I saw the actual need for education and started to finish mine.

Back in north where I came from, I was homeschooled until somewhere between the third and fifth grade, the rest of my education was left up to me to obtain. Since my family was of very little means, I began working at fourteen to help aid in the family finances.

Don’t get me wrong, even though I didn’t receive a good school education growing up, I did receive an excellent education in many different skills, as a jack of all trades and along with this, I had a great family life.


Back to the present, once I saw the importance of education I began to seek out how I could earn my high school diploma. To my dismay, since I was never registered with any school system, I could not earn an actual high school diploma. I then obtained my GED in 2012 from the State of Florida where I currently reside.

After I earned my GED, I began looking further into education. The things I wanted to do as a child were now within reach. I looked into many colleges and universities and finally settled with Keiser University in Florida because of their year round schooling.

After talking with the school’s counselors, in the fall of 2013 I started my A.A. degree in paralegal studies with the intent to re-enroll into the B.A. in their legal studies program upon graduation of my A.A.

First Graduation

In April of 2015 I graduated with my A.A. in paralegal studies with a GPA of 3.95, having been president of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Beta Xi Pi Chapter, receiving multiple deans list awards and receiving Graduate of Distinction Award from Keiser University. My re-enrollment was settled prior to graduation, so in May of 2015 I resumed classes as if nothing had happened.What are my goals? Why am I going to college? My goal is to earn my B.A., beat the LSAT to death and enter law school sometime in the fall of 2017 with the goal of practicing as an attorney in one of the following fields: admiralty, maritime, aviation, or international law.

To sum up everything, I am assistant to Pastor Edmund DeSoto of Shout of Victory Ministries, a web developer/designer, amateur photographer, undergraduate law student, and most importantly, a disciple of Messiah Yeshua.

My Résumé

Degrees and Certifications

  • B.A. Degree in Legal Studies, Keiser University (December, 2016)
  • A.A. Degree in Paralegal Studies, Keiser University (April, 2015)
  • WestlawNext Certified