On the Edge | Becoming the Victor

On the Edge is a new series of short stories written by Joshua Wieczorek.

Becoming the Victor

There she stood overlooking the valley, sword drawn dripping with blood. She had just spent the night in literally the fight of her life. It took all she had to get where she was—on the mountain top. The evil ones had gotten to her village, they had brainwashed them all, even her family. When she wouldn’t accept what she saw as truth, everyone, even her family turned fought against her—it was all she could do to remain steadfast in the truth—she was the only one left in the village that would not submit to the overpowering authority.

~ What was so bad? The evil one was raging a biochemical war—he was gassing all of the people he could with a gas that would turn them into his drones subject to mind control: his own type of remote control soldiers. After gassing them he would implant in them an earpiece—what ever he said they would do. ~

Devastated and heartbroken she had no other choice but to fight against the ones she loved—who became part of these brainwashed drones. She had to make to the camp of the Army of the North (“AOTN”). She was the only one who had a map of the entire underground infrastructure of the evil one’s growing occupancy.

The air was balmy and the smell of fresh rain on the mountain vegetation rushed through her nostrils like the air coming from a jet turbine. Everything was quite, there was not a sound—it was almost too quiet. What was that she thought, she heard a slight rustle in the bushes to her right? Slowly and quietly she drew her blood-stained sword ready for another fight. However, to her amazement out of the bushes hopped a small white rabbit chomping on grass.

For a split second a feeling of comfort came over her as her mind raced back her fifth birthday when her parents gave her a white rabbit. It was so small and cuddly, it was almost like a cotton ball with four legs, two small ears and tiny eyes, and a small mouth—she loved with all of who she was. Another sound came opposite of the rabbit, what was that? She was not going to stay and find out.

She continued to run as fast as she could north toward the AOTN’s camp. Ow she yelled as she fell on the hard rocky ground. She has stepped on small rock that made her twist her ankle. Her hands bare and bleeding from breaking her fall on the jagged rock floor. Picking herself up she realized how close she came to death—she was only inches from sliding over the edge of mountain. As she stood up she could hear the rocks crack under her feet, she hobbled away from the edged as fast as she could as the rocky floor gave away under her feet.

Finally, she made it to a small grove of evergreens whose roots kept the mountain from crumbling further. Moaning in pain she sat down on the soft green moss that grew beneath the covering of the evergreens. Taking her sword she sliced the bottom off her dress so she could wrap her scraped and bleeding hands. Looking for and finding a small evergreen bough she splinted her ankle wrapping it with the remaining piece she removed from her dress. Although she was exhausted, the mountain air was crisp and fragrant with scents of evergreen she knew she could not stay here the night.

So, she struggled on into the forest—but wait, she heard galloping, was it just one horse? Filled with fear her body trembled, she went into a cold sweat and her breathing became shallow. What was it, who was it? Then she saw him, his horse white as snow, his head adorned with a crown of gold. She new she was safe. Wherever the, he went he brought with him the safety and security of the entire Kingdom of the North. She ran out from her hiding place, her breathing normalized and the fear in her heart dissipated. She was with the King—safely, they rode of toward the Army of the North making plans to finish the off enemy.

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