10-16 – Daily Devotional

Understanding is a wellspring of life unto him that hath it: but the instruction of fools is folly — Proverbs 16:22 KJV

Many times throughout the book of Proverbs the writer emphasizes on understanding and expresses its importance.

There is a large difference between understanding and knowledge. In the book of Genesis the pharaoh had a dream. The same situation is found in the of Daniel with the king of Babylon. These two men had dreams, they had knowledge but did not have understanding. It was not until men of God, Joseph and Daniel, gave theses tho men the dreams’ interpretations that the pharaoh and the king had any understanding. Then with understanding both changed the course of their life.

Just like it says, “Understanding is a wellspring of life.” If Joseph (which happened by the revelation of The Lord) did not give the dream’s interpretation to the pharaoh, Egypt would have probably suffered major casualties and maybe been decimated during the famine.

Seek The Lord for understanding, it will be your life.

Reading Daniel 2; Genesis 41

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