The Package

Have you ever purchased something that you thought was something entirely else, or something that you perceived to have different qualities? This is a problem with much of today’s advertisements, only showing what they (manufacturers and marketers) think you want to know about something. Have you ever purchased something just because someone said you just had to have it, it would make your life better, then come to find out that it didn’t? a

For example: I recently wanted to purchase brown sugar, the real brown sugar. However, without careful examination of the package I took a package that looked to be brown sugar and the packaging said it was so as well. To my dismay, the brown sugar was brow sugar, but not real brown sugar. It was just white sugar bathed in molasses. The brown sugar looked like what I wanted, however, it was totally the opposite.

Many people, and Christians alike have painted Christianity to be something that it is not. Or, they portray to the public what they (Christians) think the public wants to buy or accept. For instance, many churches and denominations teach that the only thing Christianity does is save you from the wrath to come, hell. Better yet, they tell people (even though it is true), that without this salvation from Jesus you will never go to heaven. In fact, this is true about not going to heave. However, the marketing strategy, or the actual truth of the situation is that, asking Jesus to save you is only a perk to true Christianity.

True Christianity is a one-on-one relationship with our creator. He, Jesus, it not just some vicious overlord seeking to destroy anyone who does not comply with his wishes (however, in the end, all sin, or rebellion will be wiped away). Jesus really meant for us to have a relationship with Him. This way he would save us from His wrath to come on the heathens. Also, Jesus said that He was the Light of World, Savior, The Door to Heaven, Healer, and many other things, not just a savior.

When someone is out there, in the world, evangelizing about Jesus, ask them what package are you selling?

Reading: John 3:16-18, John 8:12 and John 10.

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