Selfish Smoking!

Selfish Smoking by Joshua Wieczorek

Selfish Smoking? Lung cancer is a serious thing and should be treated correctly, right from its beginning stages. I had a friend who died a few years back because of lung cancer. I know that she didn’t smoke in the years prior to the cancer, however, I am not sure whether she did or didn’t in her younger years. Smoking first inactivates the cilia [little hairs that keep impurities from getting into the lungs] in out upper respiratory tract then eventually kills them. If we can keep the cilia alive and functioning correctly, we have a better chance of protecting our lungs from impurities; therefore creating a better life for us and those around us.

To think about it, smoking not only affects the smoker, but in the long run it affects those around the smoker. This can happen through the inhalation of secondhand smoke, and ultimately from being involved in the smoker’s life. Having to go physicians, and then possible being diagnosed with lung cancer, not only affects the smoker, but their friends and family as well by the trauma and anxiety that follows lung cancer. Smoking, although an addiction, is actually selfish. Breathing healthy air now, makes for a better life later. Breathe healthy, stay healthy.

Originally written Wednesday, April 18, 2015 for Keiser University’s Advanced Biology Course.

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