Bondage, the un-renewed mind and confusion are Satan’s biggest threats to the Believer. If Satan can keep a believer in bondage and confusion the Believer can be of no threat to him.
As long as a Believer chooses to keep his or her full attention off the High calling of God due to financial insecurity, worry, health issues, family problems, or anything Satan may use to remove the attention off of the Believer’s the High Calling, assignment and the receipt of his or her full inheritance: the Believer is actually allowing him/herself to be robbed and defeated by Satan and his powers of darkness.
Bondage is the acceptance of a reality that is not fully operating in complete freedom and alignment with the Holy Spirit of God.
Bondage is also a mind that is limited to only seeing and taking things at face value not discerning them nor . When a person is open-minded for true advancement, clarity and progression in a certain
reality, this person is not in bondage in this area and he/she is not limited to think in a certain way or pattern.
Bondage occurs when a mind is not willing to accept and limits the possibilities of a changed pattern of thought, this is extremely dangerous, for the mercies of the Lord are new every day.
I am not saying that a Believer has to believe everything he hears, on the contrary, he or she should listen and discern what comes into his or her ears whether is it of God, Satan or an the spirit of man (an un-renewed mind).
Then he/she makes his or her own decision with the  guidance of the Holy Spirit of God whether to believe it or not, but if a Believer is unwilling to put into perspective things that he/she may hear, how can we be sure what he/she thinks to be hearing of the Lord is completely and clearly of the Lord?
A limited mindset causes an incapability of hearing from the Lord clearly.
Let us examine ourselves daily to make sure that we do not find ourselves falling under bondage, but keep getting closer and deeper into the freedom of the Lord.
 “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed”
John 8:36 KJV